Why use an eye make-up remover?

Why use Eye Makeup Remover

The tissue around the eyes is more delicate, prone to swelling and eyes can become irritated.

The area around your eye ages quicker than any other part of your face, by using an eye make-up remover daily you will help minimize lines and protect the area from irritation.

Rubbing your eyes harshly with products can age your eyes by up to 3 years.

Follow these steps to correctly cleanse your eyes;
  1. Soak two cotton wool pads with eye make-up remover
  2. Place one on the right eye and press gently for one minute
  3. Gently sweep over the eye lid, then over the eyelashes until all make-up is removed
  4. Open eyes and gently sweep under the eye
  5. Blot with tissue
  6. Repeat on the left eye

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